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What is obesity?

Obesity is a condition in which the amount of fat in the body is more than it should be. Today, surgery plays an important role in the treatment of obesity.  


Abdominal Wall Hernias

The abdominal wall is a structure made up of muscle and connective tissue that wraps our abdominal organs like an envelope and gives our body its shape. The protrusion of the abdominal organs from the potential weak points on this wall is called a hernia. 

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Anorectal Diseases

Do you have bleeding in the anal area? The most common causes of this condition are hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissure (crack) and anal fistula.  

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Dr. Görkem Özgen graduated from Hacettepe University School of Medicine. He finished his General Surgery residency in Istanbul University, Istanbul School of Medicine, Department of General Surgery. His field of interests are morbid obesity and abdominal wall hernias. Dr. Özgen accepts patients in his own practice.    



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