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Gastric balloon is a weight loss method applied by endoscopy. It is not an operation.

With the help of a bendable tube with a camera at the end, the stomach is entered and a balloon inflated with 400-500 ml of blue water is inserted into the stomach. This balloon can remain in the stomach for a maximum of one year, and must be removed at the end of a year. It reduces the gastric capacity by means of the space it occupies in the stomach, and allows the patient to eat less, and also causes the person to avoid eating to a certain extent, as it will impair the comfort of eating with its presence in some people.

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Complications related to gastric balloon are very rare. The most important of these complications is the damage to the wall of the balloon in the stomach and the discharge of the blue water inside. An empty balloon can pass into the small intestine, causing a blockage. In such a case, the balloon should be removed quickly without disturbing the stomach. If it is late, surgery is required to remove the balloon in the intestines. When the blue liquid filling the balloon flows into the stomach and is absorbed from the intestine, it dyes the urine green and warns the patient that the balloon has been punctured. As long as the balloon is inside, the patient should check the color every time he urinates, and if he sees a green color, he should contact his doctor immediately.

Gastric balloon application is not an alternative to surgery in a patient who needs surgery. It can be used in patients who have weight problems but do not meet the criteria for surgery. In 10% of the patients, the inserted balloon has to be removed before it can be used due to intolerance by the patient. Being aware of this situation, the decision to apply a gastric balloon should be made.  

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